Forever After

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Forever After Art.jpg

Forever After


Raibard is Phil Mackay Drums, Greg Dellaria Bass, and Daniel Gil Vocals & Guitar

Forever After

From glen to glen, and down mountainside

'Twas but a dream

Amongst the dewdrops of the meadow at twilight

By sight I couldn't see the sea eternal

But in my mind I heard its strings of streams

Forever After, and 'til the spring makes home

The song is sung

Bustling about me like a bird

On the listless leaves

A breath a breeze that whispers in my ear

Do you not hear the love

As you lay longing for its laughter?

My mountain dove

Pray tell won't you sing its tune?

Forever after, unto the waking moon

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Gil* *Bass overdubs recorded by Brad McCarthy

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