RaiBard is a band formed from the dust of the earth and inspired by the vistas of the heavens. This trio embodies the ideals and collective experience of many streams that flow from the great river of song; Blues, Folk, Jam, Hard, Progressive, Folk, World and even Classical sensibilities flow together into one idea



Direct and Complex    Distorted and Acoustic    Raw and Refined





Vocals, Guitars, Production/Daniel Gil

Drums / Phil Mackay

Bass / Adam Morrison




Raibard is a unique rock band based in the Boston area. Its three members Daniel Gil, Adam Morrison, and Phil Mackay come from diverse backgrounds in jam, heavy metal/rock, and traditional folk. Raibard’s style has been compared to Pearl Jam, The Talking Heads, Dinosaur Jr., Soundgarden, The Who, and Neil Young. They were once described as what sounds like “ . . . the lovechild of Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, and Dave Grohl.” Raibard combines a myriad of previous musical traditions in a way that sounds cohesive and natural; seamlessly weaving the stories and songs of their lives into a new tapestry of modern rock.


The collective musical experience of this trio is very broad. Daniel Gil sings, and plays lead and rhythm guitar in Raibard. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is trained classically in violin and composition. During his travels through the worlds of traditional folk music Daniel picked up bouzouki, saz, cuatro, and the cross strung harp. He also studied jazz trombone and has had several of his original compositions performed by orchestras around the world. Daniel has six solo albums to his credit.


Adam Morrison plays bass in Raibard. Adam is an accomplished bassist, guitarist, and vocalist, as well as a distinguished songwriter and performer. In addition to Raibard, Adam performs solo and also continues his membership in The Flo, an “Experimental Progressive Rock Fusion” band. Adam also played for some time with The Phreaks, a Phish cover band named Central MA’s best jam/groove act and considered one of the best in the country.


Phil Mackay plays drums and percussion in Raibard. Phil is an incredibly accomplished drummer who grew up playing drums in the rock scene in Boston’s best clubs. He has played with The Dave Macklin Band, Gracie Curran and the High Falutin’ Band, Audrey Can’t Die, and Kinnar. Phil’s versatile drumming found a home for many years with Ichabod - a truly innovative band in the stoner/doom metal scene. Ichabod toured nationally and added to the demanding metal genre by combining progressive and concept oriented rock with a signature heavy sound. Phil continues to expand his mind and drumming in his studies with world famous jazz drummer Daniel Glass, who was twice voted in the top five R&B drummers in the world by Modern Drummer and Drum! magazines.


Raibard recently finished the master for their first studio album The Queen of the Night. Raibard is hoping to release The Queen of the Night in mid 2017.


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