"The song [album] bursts open with a riff that sounds like it came from a Led Zeppelin back catalog . . . if you are hankering for more 70's inspired rock this should satiate your appetite." - Divide and Conquer July 2017

" . . . it's like Greg Lake singing for Pete Townshend on Quadrophenia . . . [or] Jimmy Page channeling Bert Jansch . . . Raibard takes rock back to its weirdo heavy blues and Britfolk base before prog went off the rails." - The Big Takeover issue No. 80, Spring 2017

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Had a great time jamming on our tune 'Forest of Song' at PA's.
A LIVE performance of Raibard's original tune False Prophet www.raibard.bandcamp.com ww.raibard.com https://twitter.com/raibardband https://www.facebook.com/raibard/ Raibard is Daniel Gil guitar/vocals, Phil Mackay drums, Adam Morrison bass Sound at PA's Tom Maroon Lyrics False Prophet The false prophet he lives his lies Building his fences he fantasizes In his smile A harsh decree
We open this tune wide and and enjoy the light emanating from another world through our music. This was our opener at PA's in Somerville on Sept. 14, 2017 www.raibard.com www.raibard.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/raibardband https://www.facebook.com/raibard/
Here we are working on a new tune and at the end we go into a nice bluesy improvised kind of jam. www.raibard.com www.raibard.bandcamp.com copyright Raibard 17'
This is an entirely unscripted improvisation, which came out of Adam Morrison's bass riffs. www.raibard.com www.raibard.bandcamp.com copyright Raibard 17' This was recorded using a ldc condenser mic, and then minimally processed in Reaper
A live jam around Raibard's original tune Alone & Blue June 5/17 www.raibard.com Performed at The Middle East Corner Cambridge MA www.raibard.bandcamp.com copyright D. Gil '16
www.raibard.com Performing "Forest of Song" January 17, 2017 Tavern At the End of the World Charlestown, MA Raibard is Adam Morrison Bass Phil Mackay Drums Daniel Gil Guitar/Vocals
www.raibard.com copyright Raibard 2017 Performing Live at Tavern At the End of the World Charlestown, MA Raibard is Daniel Gil Guitar/vocals Phil Mackay Drums Adam Morrison Bass
www.raibard.com copyright Raibard 2017 Original song "Witness" by Raibard Daniel Gil Guitar/Vocals Adam Morrison Bass Phil Mackay Drums. Performed Tuesday January 18th, 2017 Charlestown, MA
Original Song by RaiBard copyright 16' performed at PA's Lounge October 2016 www.raibard.com In the waters of my tears Ophra washes her garments In the waters of my tears And spreads them in the sunshine of Her radiance In the waters of my tears She demands no water of the fountains Having my two eyes And no other sunshine than Her beauty In the waters of my tears She is likened to the sun Making red in her rising The clouds of dawn with the flame of Her light Lyrics - Judah HaLevi (1075-1141)
The False Prophet Copyright 16' Raibard www.raibard.com The False Prophet he lives his lies Building his fences he fantasizes In his smile a harsh decree Never really caring for you and me In the cruel distance his mind can see Neighboring valleys for those who flee Into his arms to


Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover issue No. 80, Spring 2017 - The Boston based trio fronted by guitarist Daniel Gil runs a 1968-1973 classic rock gamut. When Gil plays acoustic folk, such as "Always Home," it's like Greg Lake singing for Pete Townshend on Quadrophenia, while a similar prelude to "The Queen of the Night" might be Jimmy Page channeling Bert Jansch picking Steve Howe's hushed opening of Yes's "Roundabout"; "False Prophet" begins on a Hendrix/Cream tip before a mid-section like a less slick Mark Knopfler; "Ophra" picks up ominous omens of Black Sabbath and Machine Head Deep Purple. Call them folk-prog/hard rock? Somewhere between Status Quo, Bloodrock's "D.O.A.," Led Zeppelin III, and the Lake sung, epic title track of King Crimson's The Court of the Crimson King, Raibard takes rock back to its weirdo heavy blues and Britfolk base before prog went off the rails.

Dan Weston, Divide and Conquer, July 2017 - Daniel Gil, Adam Morrison and Phil Mackay are Raibard. The band recently released The Queen of the Night which is a complete DIY effort. The bandapparently has been compared to bands like Pearl Jam, Dinosaur Jr. and The Who to name a few. To my ear the band has a distinct ’70s sound. It mostly fits into classic rock but some prog certainly makes it way in there as well. 
he band did a good job in the production area. They used good gear and the results are impressive. That being said when the band really rocks some of things that a professional studio can do get lost. The stereo image can become a little narrow. In this case I think the album may have benefited by being passed to a top notch mastering engineer. 

Up first song is “Forest of Song” which is almost a ten-minute song. Get used it because all the songs are long with a couple of others are also around the ten-minute mark. The song bursts open with a riff that sounds like it came from a Led Zeppelin back catalog. They switch it up rather quickly and keep a couple of good grooves coming. The band eventually launches into a breakdown section that is somewhere between the song “Moby Dick” and Pink Floyd. They eventually find their way into another ’70s inspired riff.

The band pulls back the reins with “Always Home.” It's more atmospheric in general and the first couple of minutes is carried by an acoustic guitar and vocals. “False Prophet” is a fairly straightforward rocker. The title track could certainly be considered the centerpiece. It's dynamic and contains a couple of epic guitar solos and continuous crescendos. 

The song “Meaning” arguably has a tint of ’90s alternative while“Ophra” contains a drum solo part that you would never hear on FM radio these days. It's felt like a homage to John Bonham. They end with “Pomegranate” and “Witness” which are both solid tunes. 

There is no denying that Raibard is ambitious. The influences from ’70s rock is undeniable and builds upon the aesthetics of a number of great dinosaur bands. Overall, I can’t say this band is reinventing the wheel but the songsare well crafted and enjoyable. At the very least if you are hankering for more ’70s inspired rock this should satiate your appetite.


Raibard is a unique rock band based in the Boston area. Its three members Daniel Gil, Greg Dellaria, and Phil Mackay come from diverse backgrounds in jam, heavy metal/rock, and traditional folk. Raibard’s style has been compared to Pearl Jam, The Talking Heads, Dinosaur Jr., Soundgarden, The Who, and Neil Young. They were once described as what sounds like “ . . . the lovechild of Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, and Dave Grohl.” Raibard combines a myriad of previous musical traditions in a way that sounds cohesive and natural; seamlessly weaving the stories and songs of their lives into a new tapestry of modern rock.


The collective musical experience of this trio is very broad. Daniel Gil sings, and plays lead/rhythm guitar in Raibard.

Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is trained classically in violin and composition. During his travels through the worlds of traditional folk music Daniel picked up bouzouki, saz, cuatro, and the cross strung harp. He also studied jazz trombone and has had several of his original compositions performed by orchestras around the world. Daniel has six solo albums to his credit.


Greg Dellaria plays bass in Raibard. Greg is an accomplished bassist, whose virtuosity is on display whenever he picks up his instrument. In addition to Raibard, Greg also continues his membership in Oxblood Forge, a serious metal band. Greg has been playing in bands since his teens, and is one of the staples of great music in the New England area.


Phil Mackay plays drums and percussion in Raibard. Phil is an incredibly accomplished drummer who grew up playing drums in the rock scene in Boston’s best clubs. He has played with The Dave Macklin Band, Gracie Curran and the High Falutin’ Band, Audrey Can’t Die, and Kinnar. Phil’s versatile drumming found a home for many years with Ichabod - a truly innovative band in the stoner/doom metal scene. Ichabod toured nationally and added to the demanding metal genre by combining progressive and concept oriented rock with a signature heavy sound. Phil continues to expand his mind and drumming in his studies with world famous jazz drummer Daniel Glass, who was twice voted in the top five R&B drummers in the world by Modern Drummer and Drum! magazines.


Raibard recently finished Recording their Second studio album:

Dark Realm of the Daylight - Bright Kingdom of the Night.

They hope to release the album winter 2020. Raibard released two tracks from the album -Visions of You, and Forever After.


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