The White Page

Why is the white page so intimidating? It's like the cliffs of insanity, or a 5k run; seems impossible to surmount. Yet here I am listening to RP and writing. Who's RP? Oh c'mon, who doesn't know RP? I mean you're here reading my blog, which means you ostensibly know something about me and are probably a relative. So there's no need to tell you who RP is, as you have a decent idea of my hot fudge sundae listening practices. Hot fudge listening practice? Man, you ask a whole lotta questions, which was by the way, Zeppelin's original title, but they decided to be more original and go with Whole Lotta Love. A 'hot fudge sundae listener' is a song, group of songs or artist which, to your ear, never gets old, always tastes amazing, and is generally unhealthy, as all it does is reinforce who/what you think you are. Interestingly enough however, a hot fudge listening experience does not cause musical diabetes. Musical diabetes! What a great phrase! On second thought, maybe it does? I think at this point, after watching the latest iteration of our culture's huge need to repeat and not engage in any meaningful form of creativity, Star Trek Discovery, we might have cultural or societal diabetes. Perhaps its because everything in our society, and I mean everything, is part of a scheme to make more money. So naturally we can't even think of the possibilities of new forms of delicious unhealthy food. Why bother when we can keep consuming the same old things that do nothing and explore nothing and lead us nowhere, yet somehow seem to populate some executive's bank account with dollars. After reading this thoroughly enjoyable blog, you might think I didn't enjoy the new Star Trek. No, I did enjoy it. I love hot fudge sundaes.